Sculpture is the first artistic means by which the female figure is represented. As time passed, the sculptural techniques were refined more and more. From the crude but effective reproduction of Willendorf's Venus to the extreme realism of the aphrodite of capua.


Afrodite of Capua

110 A.D.

Modigliani's paintings are known for its peculiarity of painting eyes without pupils, giving the viewer a sense of emptiness. The only paintings where the subject is with his eyes closed are nudes.
In our opinion the artist wants to communicate, in contrast to what he communicates with the eyes, the immense expressiveness of the female body.



1909 A.D.

Nudo  seduto

The reason that drives us is to restore the importance that belongs to the body in art.


NFTs are the means by which we will achieve our goal.
Making once again unique and inimitable the body of the woman who in recent times has been degraded by pornography and its easy availability.